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Have your broken car collected and get paid instantly!

Broken Car Collection pays top dollars for cars, vans, utes and 4WD’s. Even if the vehicle is immobile or broken down completely, we’re still interested!

Our specialist removal service can remove vehicles even if they have no wheels! All vehicles are accepted, as all cars have a worth in scrap metal.

We can pay you cash on the spot, and we don’t charge for the removal process.

Rest-easy that the vehicle you sell us will be recycled almost completely, therefore choosing us is the green option!

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I want cash for my car now, how does it work?Broken Car Collection Cash

The process is simple, leave the your details above, (or here) and we’ll come back to you with a cash price for your broken vehicle.

If you accept, we’ll arrange a time for our tow team to collect the vehicle.  When the tow team arrives, they’ll pay you cash instantly and take the car away.


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Recycling Scrap Cars – The Green Way

Scrap Metal CarsDid someone say green?

When you sell you car to Broken Car Collection, you can be assured that the vehicle will be recycled.

Even fluids like oil contained inside the vehicle are collected and sent to recycling centers.

Any re-usable parts from the vehicles are professionally removed( in some circumstances, reconditioned) and resent back to the automotive parts industry through New Zealand, and the entire world.

Steel from parts that are not able to be reused is recycled as scrap metal.

If you have a car that is surplus to requirements, perhaps it is broken down or crashed – or even if it still runs, we are interested in buying your car for the recycling industry.

We will make you a fair cash offer and arrange for the collection free of charge.  Get in touch with us now, click here.


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